With over thirty years experience in vehicle development, we are able to offer a wide range of solutions to suspension development, chassis dynamics, attribute target setting, benchmarking, objective testing and overall vehicle chassis development.

Myles bio photo

Myles Lubbock is a technical specialist with a high degree of experience in all areas of suspension development and testing.  He previously led the vehicle dynamics development for Caterham Cars and third party engineering projects for Caterham Technology. As well as extensive experience in vehicle development at Caterham, Lotus and Multimatic, Myles’ background includes motorsport at the highest level with Team Lotus and Footwork Arrows in F1.  Myles has extensive experience in damper technology / development and objective testing.  Driving skills include subjective, objective and stability control system assessments.


Tim bio photo

Tim Roebuck has extensive experience in sector leading vehicle dynamics teams in both OE and consultancy environments including Aston Martin, Multimatic and Lotus. He has a strong background in vehicle dynamics, team management and a proven delivery track record. Tim is experienced in; subjective vehicle evaluation (Ford approved trainer), target definition at vehicle and system level, K&C testing and analysis, 4-post rig testing, suspension development (independent, semi-dependent, dependent systems), damper tuning, steering tuning (HPAS / EPAS), braking system development & validation and tyre development. High degree of vehicle limit handling experience and familiarity with many European and Chinese proving grounds.