LEVC delivers its 2,500th electric taxi

When this project began in 2014, we set out to make the world’s most advanced taxi, to distil over 70 years of cab-building knowledge into an all-new leader in urban zero emissions mobility. The endorsement from drivers is compelling while passengers love TX’s comfort, space and connectivity features,
— Joerg Hofmann, CEO of LEVC.

Morgan Plus Six Reviews

Despite ⅝ths of bugger-all wheel travel, Beech and his team have found a compliance and chassis balance that rides and handles at speed over some pretty poor road surfaces. No longer do sharp undulations have the exhaust pipes grounding, no longer do you need half a turn of lock just to keep it in line driving fast down a straight road…
— - Andrew English, The Daily Telegraph

“Within yards of pulling away you’ll realise just how much of a step change this is for Morgan. Steering that’s light and quick, suspension that breathes naturally with the road…”
— Top Gear

New London Taxi at Goodwood Festival of Speed!

LTC’s next model will be a range-extended electric vehicle; latest pictures show it's into the latter stage of development as hot weather testing nears completion.


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