New London Taxi at Goodwood Festival of Speed!

LTC’s next model will be a range-extended electric vehicle; latest pictures show it's into the latter stage of development as hot weather testing nears completion.

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Vuhl at Race of Champions in Miami

VUHL has got off to a flying start in 2017, having completed a successful international appearance at the Race Of Champions in Miami.

The event, which saw two days of racing at Marlins Park, set the pace for what is sure to be a promising year for the rapidly expanding supercar maker.

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Vuhl selected for Race of Champions with 5 year deal!

“The Race of Champions demands a car that is fast and dynamic,” said Terry Grant, Race of Champions official stunt & test driver, “the mid-engined VUHL 05 ROC Edition is highly dynamic which is perfect for putting the world’s best drivers through their paces. The track requires a car which is quick off the line and can hold its own with the rear hanging out. Going from 0-60 in 3.2 seconds definitely gets my thumbs up! This very fun car will entertain the fans in the US and across the globe.”


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Positive reviews of the Zenos E10 R continue

Dan Prosser in Evo:

“The body stays flat in hard cornering on circuit with just enough lean to let you read grip levels across the loaded side of the car. Grip is vast.”

 “The steering is sharp, feelsome and direct and over bigger kerbs the damping is so well resolved – you can hit a large sausage kerb and hardly feel the impact. That pliancy translates beautifully into road driving, too, the E10 R riding bumps and dealing with compressions impressively well.”

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