Component, system and vehicle level development through subjective assessment, objective measurement and CAE analysis.

Full program development of vehicle dynamics attributes.

Overall vehicle evaluations for benchmarking or attribute confirmation.

Target setting and target cascade from full vehicle to system and component level.

Corum Technology are experienced, industry leading experts in:

Suspension Development

Damper Development

Braking Performance

Tyre Development

Steering System Development

Objective Testing

CAE modelling & Hardpoint Optimisation

Vehicle Deceleration Development

Regen & Brake Blending Development

Stability Control System Development


Corum Technology is able to offer a number of standard training courses or create training courses to meet your needs.

Subjective evaluation (including Ford R-202)

Fundamentals of vehicle dynamics (without the maths)

Driver development

K&C Testing

Damper theory & development

Steering systems & development

Fundamentals of vehicle dynamics (without the maths) licensed by John Miles