Vehicle Steering Torque & Angle Transducer

The Vehicle Steering Torque and Angle Transducer (VSTAT) is Corum Technology's in-house designed steering torque and angle measurement system.  Available to hire or purchase as a complete system, the VSTAT can be specified either as a replacement steering wheel system or as a system to clamp onto the OE steering wheel. Corum Technology also offers measuring & testing services offering turn-key solutions.


Passenger Car & Light Commercial 50Nm Vehicle Steering Torque & Angle Transducer

Unlimited degrees of rotation

=>0.017 angle resolution (via Magnetic non-contact encoder)

2.4GHz wifi transmitted torque output

3kg including OE universal wheel clamp


Typical test applications might include:

Static parking & dynamic efforts, linearity and torque build-up

Understeer gradient testing

Accurate lock to lock and symmetry

Torque fluctuations and phasing

Vibration & rotational mode analysis